From the moment that you and your child enter our clinic, we want you to feel welcome. We are committed to providing your child the best oral health care pleasant environment. With proper and consistent dental treatment, we can help to prevent cavities in the future and teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime….

  Treating Cavities, Fractures, and Cracks with Dental Fillings Dental fillings can restore teeth that have been damaged by cavities or injury. Untreated cavities, fractures, and cracks in the teeth can cause serious oral health problems, including infection, periodontal (gum) disease, and loose teeth. If caught early, most cavities, cracks, and fractures can be completely…

Dental Hygiene and Periodontal Health Information Professional dental cleanings are the best way to achieve and maintain great oral health. Did you know that cavities are not the number one cause of tooth loss? While brushing your teeth is important, you also need to take care of your gums. Periodontal (gum) disease is the primary…

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